Salmon Cycle gallery : narrative

Graham Hill elementary school had been asked to choose between art and music as “extra-curricular” activities, and had chosen music. An active PTA at the school decided to redress the lack by periodically inviting artists to be in residence at the school.

We collaborated with ceramic artist Deirdre Daw to create six different artworks that we installed on the school grounds. Since two of us were artist-educators, we decided to implement a program that would integrate with lesson plans throughout the school, and involve every single student in making elements for each component of the work.

There was no art room, just a small kiln in a little room off the kitchen. So, we set up shop on the stage and designed a series of mini-classes that would provide materials for the different artworks. We had the teachers bring their classes to the stage at appointed times, and asked parents to come and assist us. We found something for children at every age level to do, even the tiniest pre-kindergarten student, and every child participated on at least three different occasions. When the time came to do the installation work, we had parents and older children come and help us set the work in place.

This work was supported by a grant from the Graham Hill PTA.