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This work develops our proposition that public artists and designers can also be experimental citizens, creatively building forms and environments to engage the public with important ideas of our time.

Richard Louv has written compellingly about “nature deficit disorder” in his book “Last Child in the Woods”. Even a small patch of “wasteland” in a neighborhood can introduce children to the benefits they used to obtain from daily contact with natural environments. Adults don’t stop needing the same opportunities for grounding, discovery and rest in order to live well.

Our design is an experiment testing a question. Can an environment that celebrates natural qualities such as organic line, gentle movement and lively color create and sustain similar states of wellbeing, while still clearly belonging to a downtown urban setting? We invite visitors to engage with questions about a past, present and future relationship between people and their environment that arise from this proposition.

We are interested in feedback that assesses both the questions we have asked and whether the installation succeeded in its goals or not. We welcome criticism, however challenging, but please be kind and generous in your approach. All comments may be left at the dedicated website:

This work was supported by a commission from the Art In The Loop Foundation in Kansas City and by development funds from the city itself.