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Julia Cole is an interdisciplinary public artist, educator and community strategist.

Julia’s first career was as a biologist, with a focus on pattern formation in developing organisms and ecology.

She then went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Washington in Seattle. She has worked with a wide variety of media and processes, and has a long-standing interest in integrative strategies that bring together conceptual content and sensitively crafted physical forms.

Julia’s personal work currently focuses on community interventions that make use of artistic practice to arouse imaginative social and political engagement. Recent projects have included convening a symposium at Grand Arts, Kansas City called the “Imaginative Reinvention of Education” imaginativeducation.wordpress.com, facilitating a city-wide conversation group swalkkc.wordpress.com and collaborating on an Imaginative Labor project in which artists are supported in “making work at work”.

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Wiring Poetry  

Leigh Rosser works nationally as an exhibit designer, specializing in interactive design and media & technology integration.

Leigh earned an architecture degree from the University of Kansas, and has applied this knowledge, combined with a passion for media and technology, to story-telling in the educational museum setting. Leigh has extensive career experience with a broad range of fabrication techiques, control electronics, 3-D modeling & animation, CAD and CNC machining.

His personal work has spanned playful interactive machines, time-delayed interactive video, and functional industrial design. Leigh has a passion for exploring new materials and technologies for the oportunities they can present. He is also adept at developing new fabrication techinques and stretching the limits of the tools and technologies at his disposal.


Colosser: Together, Leigh and Julia form a collaborative team that makes ecologically and community-oriented art for public spaces.